We enable galleries, institutions and museums to embrace the digital art revolution by providing them with a highly curated platform and NFT solutions and services.

The current NFT ecosystem

Ultra fast flipping and sub-par platforms with almost no curation.

[81% of all NFTs are up for sale within a day*]

Galleries and institutions have difficulty entering this space.

[It is a complicated environment for galleries and institutions.]

The majority of the current NFT market is driven by hype and FOMO.

[Huge fluctuations in daily trading volumes and prices]


What we offer


Institutions are our friends

Close partnerships with galleries and institutions enabling them to succeed in the digital art revolution by lowering the entry barriers.


We focus on ART

Highly curated platform with an orientation on the long-term success of digital art, achieved through partnerships with established institutions and galleries.


We set the incentives right

Proprietary functionalities reducing the incentives to rapidly flip 🐬 digital art. Giving artists the opportunity to sell under the right conditions to the right people.


We take care of our planet

System designed with carbon emissions in mind. Highly efficient on-platform transactions, and compensations for whatever CO2 is emitted.


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